Scissor Lift Rental & Sales

Scissor Lift Rental and Sales in San Fernando Valley, CA

Over the years, Premium Equipment Company, Inc. has delivered excellent customer service, equipment sales, and rentals to our customers. Our scissor lift rental and sales services help San Fernando Valley, CA customers complete their jobs on-time. Whether you opt to purchase a brand-new lift or choose to rent one, you can rely on our fair rates and quality machinery. Our sales team has numerous options at their disposal that enable brand loyalists to stick with the manufacturers they know and love. And we have a wide range of lifts available to rent.

Purchasing vs. Renting: What You Need to Know

Should you purchase or rent a scissor lift? The answer depends on several factors, including your company’s situation and budget. We can help. Over the years, we’ve assisted contractors of all sizes and ages with their scissor lift needs. Our team understands the needs of our customers and how to address them. While owning a scissor lift gives you complete control, no time limits on usage, and fewer transportation logistics, renting one makes sense for several reasons:
•Upfront Costs: If you are an up-and-coming company, renting a scissor lift might make more sense. For instance, starting a new contracting company involves quite a bit of capital. For the first few years, it might make sense to rent from [site-options field=privacy_company_name] instead of purchasing a unit.
•Maintenance: We take care of the maintenance and repairs on all our equipment. All we ask of our customers is they adhere to the guidelines we provide before renting the lift. Everything else happens on our end. Again, for startup companies, saving money on maintenance and repairs can make a significant difference.
•Limited Use: Some of our customers don’t use scissor lifts regularly. Both commercial and residential customers can fall under this category. Renting a unit is the better choice. You can count on a well-maintained lift at a fair rate.
•Limited Storage: Lifts are bulky and require storage space. Some of our customers are still growing. Some want to use their storage space for other, more utilized equipment. Renting a scissor lift is better for these customers.

We Offer Honest, Fair, and Quality Service to You

At Premium Equipment Company, Inc., we provide outstanding customer service based on commitments to honesty, fairness, and quality. That translates across all elements of our business. We are honest and forthright about the machinery we rent and sell, and we always provide a fair rate. Most importantly, we invest heavily in high-quality lifts. Contact us today to rent or purchase a scissor lift.

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