Scissor Lift Repairs & Maintenance

We Perform Fully-Insured Scissor Lift Repairs

Premium Equipment Company, Inc. has over 21 years of experience providing top-notch fully-insured services to contractors in the San Fernando Valley, CA. Scissor lift repairs and maintenance are two of our most popular offerings. Whether the job is big or small, these lifts play an irreplaceable role on a job site. They allow your crew to safely perform high-quality work and satisfy your contractors. Our fast and dependable services ensure we can complete repairs promptly and accurately. As for our flexibility – we service all brands. No matter what happens to your scissor lift, we can diagnose and resolve it so you can get back to work.

The Benefits of Investing in Regular Maintenance

Our trained technicians can perform routine spot checks on all your scissor lifts in addition to responding to urgent repair requests. Being proactive is always one of the best ways to avoid a site shut down due to broken equipment. And we’re proud to offer maintenance at a fair and honest rate completed by dependable technicians. The advantages of adding maintenance to your budget include:
•No Surprises: During regular maintenance, we carefully inspect every component of your scissor lift. We make sure the moving parts have enough oil so they don’t catch. Our team tests all functions of the lift for safety. We make sure no parts are degrading and check for signs of physical damage. Finally, we present a detailed list of our findings to you, so you can decide how to proceed if we recommend repairs.
•Cost-Effectiveness: How much money does it cost to shut down part of your operations when a lift breaks down? We guarantee it is pricier than our maintenance services. Instead of shelling out money for repairs and waiting to complete tasks, you’ll catch the problem before it breaks the lift. Instead of paying workers to sit around waiting, you’ll pay them to do the outstanding work you know they can do.

Contact Us Today for Honest, Fair Pricing and Repairs

Our goal is to keep your job site humming along efficiently and effectively. You have contracts to honor and general contractors to satisfy. You have customers waiting for you to finish painting their buildings and more. You can scarcely afford the hit to your bottom line and reputation caused by an extended equipment breakdown. Most importantly, scissor lift repairs and maintenance are crucial to ensuring worker safety. We can help keep you compliant with union and Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) regulations. Contact Premium Equipment Company, Inc. to schedule fast repairs or thorough maintenance today.

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